Why is Kalasha sacred?

Kalasha or Kalasa or Kalash is a metal or earthen pot which is filled with rice or water and is known as Purnakumbha. Mango leaves or betel leaves are placed at the mouth of the pot and a coconut is placed on top of it. A thread is tied around the metal pot.

Kalasha is worshipped on all important occasions such as marriages, house warming ceremony, daily worship and during festivals. Water is the most important source for all creations.

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Among the 5 elements water is considered to retain and absorb vibrations. The water inside the pot symbolises the creator of all the living beings, soul filled with compassion, abundance and hospitality, leaves and coconut represents the creations. Some Vedic scriptures, refer to Kalasha as a symbol of mother earth and divine consciousness. Other interpretations of Kalasha associate with the five elements. The wide base of metal pot represents the element Prithvi (Earth), the expanded centre – Jala (water), neck of pot – Agni (fire), the opening of the mouth – Vayu (air), and the coconut and mango leaves – Akasha (sky).

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