Why do we circumambulate in temples?

We blindly follow certain customs which our elders do, to circumambulate shrines in temples is one of them. We circumambulate the idols in temples, trees and fire. In Hindu ritual we consider fire and trees as sacred and considered them as one of the many forms of God.

We recognise God as the centre point and the focal point for all living beings. We’re told that lord is the source and essence of everyone’s life so we circumambulate in temples. We can never draw a circle without a centre point.

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The distance between the centre point and the circumference points are equal. The centre point is considered as the Lord and we are on the circumference of the circle. The Lord passes the energy and strength to all of us, the energy that he passes are equal to each one of us. It depends on how we use the energy and move in life. In India, the right side is considered auspicious so we circumambulate the idols in clockwise direction.

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