Why do we blow a conch?

Conch is also known as shankh in Sanskrit. Conch is the sacred emblem for Lord Vishnu and it is a state emblem for Kerala.

During puja, it is used as a trumpet to blow away negative energy and break free from barriers and evil spirits. Water is poured into the conch and served as theertha (sacred water) in temples.

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In Hinduism, conch is considered to be very sacred and is blown on auspicious days. The ‘Om’ sound is created when the conch is blown. If a conch is placed near the ears, one can hear the sound of the ocean humming. When the conch is blown it is said that negative thoughts are erased from a person and filled with positive thoughts and vibes. Children who stammer to speak are advised to blow the conch regularly. The respiratory system and heart blocks are cleared if people blow the conch regularly. Many Hindu Gods like Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi and many others carry a conch in their hand symbolising purity and sacredness.

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