Visit the Krishna temple at Udupi

Udupi is famous for the Krishna Temple and the delicious local cuisine. Udupi is the famous pilgrimage place and is known as Rajatha Peetha and Shivalli.

If you’re in Mangalore, then you must definitely visit Udupi to know about the rich culture and tradition. According to myths, King Daksha cursed the moon, eventually the lustre of the moon reduced. Later, the moon and his wife prayed to Lord Shiva to relieve him from the curse and also to return back his shine. Lord Shiva was pleased by the couple’s prayer and granted him his wishes. The couple also built a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is still present in Chandramouleshwara temple. According to myth, Udupi means the land which is dedicated to the lord of the stars.

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The Krishna Mutt was built during the 13th century by the Vaishnava Saint, Sri Madhavacharya. Udupi is also well known for its cuisines, especially their yummy sambhar which is famous worldwide. At the Krishna Mutt the dishes are specially prepare for Lord Krishna and has certain restrictions with ingredients like garlic, onions and some spices that are avoided. The Shivalli Madhwa Brahmins introduced these cuisines and are prepared at the temple every day. Free food is distributed to all the devotees in the temple.

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