Series 3: How to train yourself for hiking?

When you are heading for a trek, you need to train yourself well. There are different types of training which you need to follow on daily basis. Stay at Hotel Dwara; the best budget hotel in kukke and enjoy the best of comfort and luxury.

  • The first most important thing is to be mentally prepared that you are capable of completing your trek comfortably. Sometimes if you are physically strong you will lack in mental stability and you tend to lose your self-confidence. On the way you might encounter many barriers like, blisters, shortage of water or food, cold weather or rain. You need to overcome all of these and reach your final destination safely.

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  • Cardio training is very important when you are heading for a trek. Three to four days of exercise is mandatory. Take a day rest from the week so that your body can recover from the exercise.
  • Take up resistance training as it strengthens specific body parts and muscles. ┬áThis will help you overcome any sort of physical stress. Practise squats, push-ups, sit-ups and step-ups.

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