Series 2: How to train yourself for hiking?

If you’re lazy to exercise during the weekend, then head out for a trek as it is the best exercise. Walking is the best and easiest exercise that we can do to stay fit and healthy. Nowadays we hardly walk so if you are heading for a trek in the next few days it is best to prepare yourself in prior.

  • Start going to the gym regularly no matter how busy you might be. Spend 1 hour in a day at the gym. By going to gym you can improve your stamina and strength.

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  • If you are heading out for the first time for a trek it is better to walk regularly for long distance before the trek. Gym is an exercise for specific body parts and also helps strengthen muscles.
  • Change your daily activities, for example take stairs rather than the elevator, walk to stores and also ride a bicycle to work if possible.

Follow these tips before heading for a trek at least 20 days prior. Subscribe to our offers to know about the different trekking tips and tricks. Spend a wonderful night at Hotel Dwara, the best hotel in kukke to stay comfortably and also indulge in adventures.

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