Why do we ring bells in temple?

When we enter the temple we ring the bell, but why do we do it? Is to wake up the Lord that we have arrived at your place or is to wake him up if he is sleeping? The Lord always welcomes us at all the times. Then why is it that we ring bells when we are at a temple? Om is the universal mantra which is used to worship the Lord, the sound is produced when one rings the bell.

Ringing the bells in a temple is an old ancient tradition, many bells hang at the domes of the temple. Bells are also known as Ghanta in Sanskrit. Kansyaghanta, Thala, Ghatika, Jayaghantika, Kshudraghanta and Krama are the different types of bell which are mentioned in Sanskrit literature.


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When you hear the sound of a bell your mind is empty from all thoughts and imaginations. Ringing the bell in the temples is not a wakeup call to God but it’s a wakeup call for us. The body of the bell is considered as the Ananta, thick rod inside the bell is considered to be Goddess Saraswathi and the handle for the bell is compared to Lord Hanuman – the God of strength. A bell without a handle is considered to be inauspicious and cannot be used for any Puja purpose. When the devotees enter the temple they hit the bell which eradicates all the thoughts in their mind.

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