Why do we pray to Tulasi plant?

Tulasi or Tulsi plant is considered as very sacred and divine plant by the Hindus. It is believed that Lord Brahma and also Lord Krishna resides in the tulasi plant and is considered and a very pure plant.

The roots of the plant denote the pilgrimage centres, the Ganga river flows through the roots of the plant, Tulsi is the threshold between the hell and the heaven. Tulsi plant is grown in almost every Hindu’s house and is found in most of the temples too.

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It is believed that people who water and worship Tulasi plant will be blessed by Lord Vishnu and also get moksha (the ultimate Nirvana). Tulasi is regarded as a woman deity and is worshipped every day by all the Hindu woman. Tulasi plant has great medicinal values and is used to create many diseases and allergies. Water with Tulasi leave are given to people while dying so that their souls depart to heaven. Common cold can be cured by using Tulsi for Kashaya- an Ayurvedic drink.  Tulasi is used as a prime ingredient in many of the modern medicines too. It is also a key ingredient in Homeopathy medicines.

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