Why do we offer coconut to god?

Coconut is a sacred satvic fruit which can be offered to God according to Hindu customs and cultures. Coconut is offered in temples during occasions like weddings, festivals, or during the purchase of a new vehicle/ house. During the homa coconut is offered in the sacrificial fire. Coconut is known as Narikela or Shrifhal in Sanskrit.

The coconut resembles the human head, the outside coir resembles the human hair, the shell resembles the human skull, the water inside the shell resembles the human blood and the kernel is the human skin. The three marks on the coconut shell represents the three eyes of Lord Shiva.

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In south India it is a ritual to offer coconuts in temples. Coconut is broken in the temples as an offering in the name of the God. When a person breaks a coconut it symbolises that he will also break his egos and negative thoughts. The Lord expects his devotees free of ego, jealousy and with pure thoughts.

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