Why do we offer Aarathi to God?

Aarathi is a spiritual light which fills the surroundings with positive vibes. At the end of every Pooja to God we offer aarathi which is always accompanied by ringing bells, singing or sometimes even clapping, it depends on the custom and rituals.

While we offer aarathi we either chant a small prayer in our mind or loudly. We wave the aarathi in clockwise direction to the idol of God. Aarthi is offered either with camphor or oil lamps. When camphor is burnt it doesn’t leaves out any trace.

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Burning of camphor is compared to negativity in humans behaviour which is burnt away. When a camphor sacrifices itself while burning it leaves out a pleasant smell and illuminates the Lord. In the same way even we must sacrifice ourselves and spread love and affection to people around us. We wait in long queues just to have a glimpse at the idol but after we see the idol we automatically close our eyes and pray to the Lord. This is to signify that each of us is a temple of the Lord.

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