Malpe – The favourite destination of all

Malpe is the favourite tourist destination and fishing hub which is located near Udupi. Malpe is a natural port which is located at the mouth of the river – Udyavara. The river flows from east to west and units at the Malpe sea.

There are many small islands around Malpe. People from all over the county visit Malpe for its scenic beauty. Malpe is also the first Indian beach with 24/7 Wi-Fi, where it is free for 30 minutes per device.

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There are four main islands at Maple- Kari-Illada- Kallu is located at the south most, St Mary’s Island which is also known as Thonse Paar, Daria-Bahadurgarh is towards the north, Daria-Gadara-Kalluthe is located between Daria-Bahadurgarh and the Kari-Illada-Kallu. Malpe is a home for Mogaveera tribe who are mainly fishers. Visit Malpe during your vacation and get to see the largest port in Karnataka.

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