Jamalagadda- a trekking place near Mangalore

Visit the ancient hilltop fort at Jamalagadda which is in Kudremukh Hills near Belthnagady, about 65 km away from Mangalore. The fort was built in 1794 by Tippu Sultan for his mother Jamalabee. It is also known by the name Gadaikallu.

Jamalabad Fort is well known for its architecture and the best place for enthusiastic trekkers. A narrow path is the only way to access the fort, where you have to climb 1876 steps which are neatly cut through the granite.

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Enjoy the landscape by reaching the hilltop and a view that is beyond compare. Inside the fort there is a water tank which was used to store rain water, so it also sets as an example for rain water harvesting. Jamalagadda Fort was later captured by the British during the 4th War of Mysore.

The view from the hilltop is very beautiful as the Fort is surrounded by mountains and greenery. Passes are available at the check post of the forest which is at the base of the hill. There are no shops near the Fort so it is recommended to carry the basic necessary items while heading to Jamalagadda Fort.

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