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Hindu rituals and practices

Every religion follows certain rituals and customs which are practised very strictly by majority of the people. No matter what religion you follow you offer prayers and respect to a divine form which is God.

Few ethical people ignore worshiping idols and other forms and seek God in the form of mediation or through realistic activities. Since the Vedic age there are many rituals and practices followed by Hindus every day. Some rituals are practiced daily and others depending on the planetary influences. Rituals are performed to make the body and soul attain peace and harmony. Spend some time for yourself to relax and refresh, stay at Hotel Dwara- best hotel in Kukke Subramanya, the only temple in south India to untangle all your negativities.

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We follow many rituals in our day to day life, but we never gave a thought of why we perform or carry out these rituals. We will help you to know the meaning and purpose of each ritual we follow with a series of blogs.

Have you given a thought of why we light lamps in front of the idols? We light lamps in front of the idols of God during the morning hours and evenings. During any auspicious event we begin the occasion by lighting a lamp. Light represents philosophy, the Lord of knowledge. Light itself is a form of God. As knowledge eradicates illiteracy, the same way light removes darkness. We might think even tube light and bulbs also removes the darkness, but the traditional oil lamp is very sacred. We light the lamp with a cotton thread, oil or ghee. Cotton thread, oil or ghee represents human ego, selfishness and other negativities, when we light the lamp all these negative thoughts vanishes and produce a pure light and brightness. In the same way even we must purify our souls with pure and healthy thought and eradicate all the negative thoughts.

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