Gigantic statue of Bhagwan Bahubali at Venur

Venur also known as Venoor is a small village near Belthangady which is located along the banks of river “Phalguni ”. During the ancient era, Venur was ruled by Jains and was also the capital for Ajila Dynasty.

Venur is a very sacred place for the Jains. Timmanna Ajila erected this gigantic statue in 1604 which is 38 feet high.


The monolith statue of Bhagwan Bahubali is also known as Lord Gomateshwara. Amarashilpi Jakanachari sculpted this gigantic statue which faces the Phalguni river. The statue is one of the mosr beautiful statues in Karnataka among other that include – Shravanabelagola, Karkala, Gommatagiri and Dharmasthala. There are also several other important sacred temples to visit in Venur – Sri Rama Temple, Mahalingeshwara Temple and Ayappa Temple. Mahamastakabhisheka is a very famous event which happens once every twelve years. People from all over the country visit Venur to pray to the monolith statue of Bhagwan Bahubali with honey, curd, milk, water, saffron, etc. Visit Venur while you are at Mangalore or at Kukke.

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