Why do we consider plants and trees to be sacred?

According to Hindu mythology, people have been worshiping coconut tree, peepal tree and banana tree. Hindus consider trees and plants very sacred because as humans we depend on them. No matter whether animals, humans or plants, life exists in all of forms.

Plants and trees are a source of oxygen, medicines, shelter and food. Hence they are considered very important, and shouldn’t be touched with our feet. During the Mohenjodaro civilization, many scriptures were found that depicted people worshipping a peepal tree. Since ages people have worshipped trees and plants as they consider them equal to God.

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People believe that a divine being lives in the trees and hence we shouldn’t cut down the trees as well. If we cut one tree we are supposed to plant 10 trees. There might be various reasons to cut down a tree, while people cut down trees they offer a silent prayer before they do it. Else it is said that karma will haunt them.

Treat plants and trees the same way you would treat a member of the family. Hindu culture and rituals are of several kinds. Know more about them by subscribing to our offers. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Dwara, the best hotel in Kukke near the temple and enjoy the best services.

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