Why do we chant Shanti thrice?

Shanti means “peace”, a place is always in peace unless and until someone makes a noise and disturb the environment. In the Upanishads and Vedas all the mantras end with Shanti thrice. To accentuate certain point, we repeat them thrice and also to increase the intense desire for peace.

When tension and worries are ended peace is automatically restored there. Where ever there is peace once can find happiness. Staying calmly and peacefully depends on us, we humans are filled up with all agitations and unfair thoughts.

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To reduce all these unfair thoughts, we invoke mantras and hymns. While we chant the hymns and prayers peace is invoked from within ourselves and we are away from all the external disturbances. All the torments, obstacles and problems arise from the three sources- Aadhidaivika, Aadhibhautika and Aadhyaatmika.

Aadhidaivika is the unseen forces which are not under the control of humans but which happens naturally like- earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods. Aadhibhautika the facts like accidents, crime and pollutions caused by humans. Aadhyaatmika this depends on us, we can control on ourselves by chanting prayers and hymns to find the inner peace.

Daily chanting Shanti can increase the inner peace and reduce the yokes. Follow us on Social media to know more about the Hindu rituals and practises. Stay at Hotel Dwara- the best budget hotel in Kukke Subramanya to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful stay.

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